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Heather Wagenhals 

has been entertaining and educating audiences for over three decades with her special blend of humor and straight talk on radio, television, print and on stage. Her interests range from personal finance, real estate and stock market investing, lending, sales and persuasion techniques, goal achievement and women's empowerment and philanthropic initiatives serving veterans and first responders.

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How many ways may I help you succeed?

Live Event Emcee

Business conferences to the ballroom, let Heather Wagenhals decades of experience as a professional event Host/Master of Ceremonies make your event timely and memorable.

Professional Speaking

From Keynotes to custom-tailored workshops and training, Heather Wagenhals helps you craft your next gathering with achievable outcomes delivering actionable ideas and strategies for your attendees.

Brand Management

Digital presence management, broadcaster training and media interview coaching adds the professional touch to representing your brand in today's highly competitive digital world.

High Performance Coaching

Heather's proven strategies have helped entertainers, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs and small business owners by giving them that extra edge to outpace the competition.

Drop us a note and let us know your thoughts about how we can achieve something together.

https://Anne Morrone Paramount Entertainment-Rock n roll celebrity show

“I knew I wanted to have an event that would support veterans with a bunch of bands and a rock star host that understood how charity events worked. Heather Wagenhals and her team were prompt, professional and knew how to handle the challenges that goes along with a live event to make a profitable and memorable evening for all. ”

Anne Morrone
Paramount Entertainment | Rock 'n Roll Celebrity Show

“Heather is an accomplished speaker and trainer. Her effective tactics using the latest brain and behavior research  is unparalleled. How she shares those coveted tactics with her audience in an experiential manner gives attendees  practical tools that they can deploy immediately. We keep having her back again! ”

Matthew Nye
Infinite Wealth Builder

Matthew Nye Republican Liberty Caucus | Infinite Wealth Builder

“I've been fortunate to have one-on-one coaching with Heather and it is worth 10x what I invested. Her advice guided me to achieve over $15,000,000 in assets under management!  Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself today with Heather's resources, and your future will thank you. ”

Michal G. Lizanich II
The Motorsports Garage

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Branding and professional messaging is challenging. Navigating the oversaturated media markets clearly, articulately, and most of all memorably is a challenge for the most seasoned professionals.

If you need to communicate your company's message more effectively through radio, print, television, social media, or need to deliver specific training and strategies for a more effective sales and workforce, let's begin a conversation and discover how many ways we can work together to make your company's objectives a reality.

To Your Prosperity,

Heather Wagenhals